Tala Mobile is an international credit services company highly interested in financially unlocking the unbanked communities out of poverty by availing quick low interest mobile loans.
AdvertisementsFormerly Inventure, currently Tala trades in Kenya,Tanzania and the Philippines but has intentions of spreading to many more countries with near targets being Mexico and India.

Tala Kenya, the  loan app serves as the platform where consumers of the credit products get served.All you need to have is an android smart phone compatible with the app.

How to use Tala

Before you can apply for loans from Tala,you must download that Tala loan app and register as a customer.You’ll need a safaricom Mpesa number to proceed to become a customer.

Let me invite you to Tala because am also using it. Download Tala loan app here and use or write the Referral Code XYGFGX .By applying the referral code you make us get a commission.

After registration,the app will collect some data in your mobile device which among other information will be used to calculate your creditworthiness and come up with a loan limit and interest rate for you.

Most people don’t qualify on day one.If this happens,don’t uninstall the app! Leave it there and continue using your phone as normal.Keep on checking the app,preferably after every week to confirm if you now qualify for a loan.

How to borrow from Tala App

  • Open the app
  • Login with your Tala PIN
  • Select Apply 
  • Fill in the few details required 
  • You’ll get a loan limit
  • Select the amount you wish to borrow 
  • Select the duration of the loan before repayment 
  • Accept terms and Submit
  • Money will be sent immediately  to your Mpesa number which you registered with on Tala App.
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