Financial freedom is a sought-after state for many, but unforeseen events can sometimes hinder it, leading to asset repossession, foreclosed homes, or even bankruptcy. Similarly, loan app users may face unconventional methods of coercion from lenders to facilitate repayment due to the unsecured nature of these loans.

However, not all lenders rely on Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) checks during the loan approval process. Here, we explore some loan apps that don’t check CRB status, offering relief to borrowers in need of quick and easy loans.

  1. Okash: Okash, provided by OneSpot Technology Investment Ltd, offers loans ranging from Ksh2,500 to Ksh50,000 at 14-16% interest rates, with repayment durations of ’91’ or ’92’ days. Eligibility is simple, with no restrictions based on profession, income, or other conditions. As long as applicants are aged 20-55, have a fixed income and phone number, they can apply for an Okash loan.
  2. Opesa: Opesa, a product of TK Limited, operates similarly to Okash. Loan approvals are based on a borrower’s phone data, MPESA/Mshwari financial transactions, and the reason for borrowing. Repayment history is also considered to generate an individualized credit score. Opesa loans range from Ksh2,000 to Ksh50,000 at 14-16% interest rates, repayable within ’91’ or ’92’ days, with interest deducted upfront.
  3. M-Fanisi: M-Fanisi, offered by Maisha Microfinance Bank, requires applicants to be 18 years or above with an active M-PESA transaction record. Loans range from Ksh200 to Ksh25,000 at a 10% interest rate, repayable within 30 days from disbursement. Borrowers can access M-Fanisi loans via the M-Fanisi loan app or USSD code.
  4. Tala: Tala Mobile presents the Tala loan app, offering loans from Ksh500 to Ksh30,000 with interest rates between 5-15% based on the repayment duration of 21/30 days. Borrowers can access Tala loans through the Tala loan app.
  5. Mokash: Mokash, offered by Mocash, provides loans from Ksh1000 to Ksh30,000 for an 8-day period. Borrowers can apply for Mokash loans by downloading the Mokash loan app.
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Experience the freedom of securing quick loans without CRB checks by exploring these reliable loan apps. Simply download the respective apps and register with your personal details to unlock financial possibilities.