M-PESA Till Number enhances the existing Lipa Na M-PESA Buy Goods service, allowing business owners to efficiently collect payments and conduct transactions directly from their till. Ideal for retail businesses like supermarkets, restaurants, and boutiques, this service provides a one-stop account for easy payment collections and spending.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Receive payments from other businesses and customers.
  • Make payments, including paying other businesses, utility bills (Paybill), and customers.
  • Withdraw funds to the owner’s nominated number, bank, or at an M-PESA agent.
  • Sell airtime to customers using collected funds and earn commission.
  • Separate personal and business payments, simplifying financial management.

How to Access the Service:

  • Via USSD: Dial 2342# to access the M-PESA For Business till.
  • Via App: Download the M-PESA for Business App for Android or IOS for a faster and simpler payment experience.

Rates and Charges:

  • Pay to another Buy Goods Till: 0.25% capped at KShs. 200 per transaction.
  • Pay to a mobile number (B2C): Existing M-PESA Send Money charges apply.
  • Pay to a utility till (Paybill C2B): Standard Paybill charges apply.
  • Withdraw at an agent: Standard agent withdrawal charges apply.
  • Sell Airtime to customer: Standard Agent Airtime commission rates.


  • Transactions of Ksh 200 and below are FREE.
  • Business owners will be charged a maximum of 0.5% and not more than KShs. 200 per transaction for money collected on the till.
  • There are no customer charges for payments made using Lipa na M-PESA Buy Goods, except for payments made at fuel stations.

Optimize your business payment collections and transactions with M-PESA Till Number. Apply now and experience the convenience and efficiency of managing your finances seamlessly.

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