Here is the procedure to go about with the process.

1.  Create NTSA Transport information management portal.

If you have an e- citizen account, you can access the NTSA portal. This account is created easily online in a Cyber Cafe or on a desktop computer if you have one.  Youll have to give basic information about yourself.

2. Pay NTSA a visit to their offices.

Once your account is set, you can schedule a day to visit the NTSA head office in Upper Hill very early in the morning to beat the long queues that stretch outside and take forever to progress.

3. Personal Details Confirmation.

You will have to log in to your NTSA portal, with the help of an NTSA agent. They will confirm your personal details to match the ones in the system.

4. Lipa na MPESA

The smart driving licence cost KES. 3000. You will need to have KES. 3,110 in your  M-Pesa Wallet which you will pay to the NTSA pay bill number 206 206 to get the digital driving license. You will then be required to make a payment of Ksh. 3,050 for the digital  Kenyan driving license via M-Pesa.

5. Capture Bio-metrics and signature

They will capture your biometrics in the computer system and take your passport photo and a digital signature

6. Get your Digital Driving License

Once you have completed the process above, it will take five days for your Digital Driving licence to be ready.

NTSA Contacts 

Phone : 0709 932 000

Email :

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