This is a simple guide on how to stop your Kenya power meter from making the irritating beeping sound when your tokens run low. The prepaid meters come in different brands i.e Conlog Intech, Inhemeter,  Hexing, Actaris, Itron and  Nirav Star instrument. It’s good to note that the muting codes and methods we have listed below may work on other brands.  So keep trying until the meter stops beeping.

1.Conlog Intech prepaid Meter

This is one of the most used meters in Kenyan homes. To stop the beeping, just press the delete or rather backspace button on the meter for 3 seconds. You can also long press the # button to mute the sound.

2.Hexing Prepaid Meter

To stop the beeping from the Hexing meter, press 812, then press the # button.

3. Actaris Prepaid Meter

To stop the beeping from your Actaris meter, just long press the enter button.

4. Nirav Star Instrument Prepaid Meter

For Nirav meter, press 1037 then press the enter button 3 times.

5. Inhemeter Prepaid Meter

To stop the beeping from your Inhemeter, press 016 or 017 then press the enter button.

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