How to change language in Netflix? Here is how you can simply change the language setting of Netflix on Smartphone, Laptop and Smart TV as per your preference.

Netflix has become an important mode of entertainment and people around the globe love using this medium. It has an extensive list of movies, shows, and more attractive content in several languages. Many people want to personalise their Netflix account. This can be done by simply changing the language of the profile or just the language of the video that they are watching. But only a few people know how to change language settings in Netflix on a smartphone, laptop, and smart tv. For others who don’t have any idea about this feature, here is a step to step guide-

How to change the language in Netflix online

If you’re watching Netflix on a laptop or computer, go to the Account section of the website, located in the upper-righthand corner. Now select ‘Account’ from the dropdown menu. Under the ‘My Profile section’, select ‘Language’. While not all shows are available in all languages, you can change your default audio language to one of 22 different tongues, including Spanish, German, Korean, and Chinese.

To change the language of the Netflix experience on your profile:

  • Sign In to Netflix on a computer or mobile browser.
  • Select Manage Profiles.
  • Select your preferred profile.
  • Select your preferred language from the Language dropdown.
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