There are two very simple solutions to enable one connect two TV sets to one Zuku decoder. The first solution needs at least one HDTV but the second method does not require a HDTV. In the image above you can see the HDMI port and the normal RCA ports i.e. Yellow (Video) and White – Red (for L and R audio respectively).

For the first method you need:-

  • Two TV sets, one must be a HDTV (HD Ready or Full HD)
  • Zuku decoder with HDMI output
  • HDMI Cable
  • RCA Cable

Method 1
Connect the Zuku decoder to HDTV using the HDMI Cable.
Connect TV2 to decoder using the RCA cable. This is the Yellow, Red and White cable.
Tune TV1 to the appropriate HDMI Input and TV2 to the appropriate AV input.
Enjoy Zuku pay TV on two Television sets. This is the most common method of connecting two TVs to one Zuku Decoder.  Usually the slim stylish HDTV is in the sitting room and the other TV is in the bedroom. For this method to work you need a long RCA cable.

For Method Two you need:-

  • Two TV sets, one TV set must have an AV Out port at the back
  • Zuku decoder, its not a must this decoder have a HDMI output
  • A pair of RCA Cables

Connect the Zuku decoder to TV1 using the normal RCA cable.
Connect TV2 to TV1 using the second pair of RCA cable.
Tune TV1 and TV2 to the appropriate inputs and enjoy. Ever noticed how Multiple Televisions in a supermarket display usually show exactly the same channel or movie? This is the method used in Supermarkets and Electronic shops to loop one signal to even Twenty TV sets.  So you can use this method to loop to a third or even a fourth TV.

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For both setups you will watch the exact same channel on both TV’s. The Zuku remote control will work on the Zuku decoder as usual and control what the two or more TV sets will be displaying.

Some Zuku decoders can allow recording one channel while watching anther totally different channel for more on this you might also want to read reason why some Zuku decoders have 2 cables connected to the decoder as well as the dish? This solves the problem of two favourite programs airing at the exact same time or when someone in the house wants to watch the news when you were watching your favourite program.