Is there any way to prevent M-PESA fraud? Find out How to Report a number to safaricom. Mpesa Fraud has become common and the fraudsters are coming up with new tricks everyday as the technology changes.

The fraudsters are using every avenue they can get or loophole they find. In most cases they try to play with one’s psychology. They normally send you a deceptive or trick message requesting you to send them money or telling you to call them, if you are not aware of these tricks you might fall into their trap. Many Kenyans have fallen into the fraudsters trap and lost a lot of money.

safaricom report conmen number

How to Report Mpesa Fraudsters

Due to the many cases being reported, Safaricom has created a free service to report any suspected fraud on their network.

What you need to report Mpesa Fraudsters

  • The suspect number trying to defraud you
  • A working Safaricom line

How to Report Mpesa Fraudsters

  • Go to Message on your phone
  • Compose a New SMS or Message
  • Write a message quoting the fraudulent number and request Safaricom to investigate
  • Lastly send the message to 333

is sending SMS to 333 free

Sending sms to Safaricom 333 is free. No charges.

NB: If you receive an SMS or a call from someone claiming they have sent you money by mistake, Do not send it back before confirming your current M-PESA balance.

Be on the look of Mpesa Conmen or fraudsters. Report them when you spot one.

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