Nairobi City Council Parking Rates. Before Nairobi City Council changed its service provider, we had Jambo Pay. Now, the new platform introduced in June 2019 is known as the Internal Revenue Management System (IRMS).

  • Nairobi county seasonal fees do not change whether the payments are monthly, weekly or annually.
  • A saloon car will cost Ksh 4,200 for daily payment. The one-off tickets go for 5,000. The price has been Ksh. 300 daily, which results in a monthly fee of Ksh, 6,300 much higher than the current season tickets.
  • The rates for public service vehicles are between Ksh 8000 and Ksh 10000 monthly. Lorries can pay as high as Ksh 20,000 monthly.
  • City Hall has about 12,000 parking slots.
  • Note: You will not pay any fees on Saturdays from 2 PM, Sunday and during public holidays.

Rules and Regulations

According to the Nairobi City Council law, these are the rules and regulations for parking in Nairobi.

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  • Non-payment of the fee will lead to clamping and towing of the vehicle. Any vehicle clamped must pay clamping fees to the council.
  • Failure to pay towing fees and other expenses incurred by the council within 60 days, may lead to the disposal of the vehicle through the public notice auction.
  • The parking ticket must be displayed on the windscreen. Non-displays will mean non-payment of the same.
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