Before you proceed with making the decision to change the Zuku internet package, you need to revisit and understand the package that you either want to upgrade to or downgrade to. The table below shows you the list of Zuku internet packages for both the Triple Play package and Zuku Business Package.

Zuku Internet Package in Uganda

The Triple Play package

Zuku PackageFiber Internet Speed   Pricing in UGX
Basic10MbpsUGX 147,900
Preferred20MbpsUGX 197,900
Premium40MbpsUGX 297,000
Advanced100MbpsUGX 497,000

Zuku Business Package

Zuku PackageFiber Internet SpeedPricing in UGX
Infinite 1010MbpsUGX 159,900
Infinite 2020MbpsUGX 279,900
Infinite 3030MbpsUGX 479,900

How to Change Zuku Internet Package in Uganda

1. Contact Zuku Internet customer care at;

  • Fiber Support : 0200 724 848 / 0779414721
  • Whatsapp: +256 752 320561
  • Email :
  • Website:

2. Alternatively, you can choose to visit Zuku Fiber Head offices at Diamond Trust Building,13th Floor, opposite Cham Towers, Kampala Road, Kampala, Uganda.

3. Upon establishing contact with the Zuku Customer agent, request the agent to help you change your Zuku internet package.

4. The agent will request you to avail of your Zuku Fiber account number and mention the package that you would like to upgrade or downgrade to. After the agent will verify your identity and also inquire why you would like to change your Zuku Internet package.

5. Once the agent has verified your identity, the process to change your internet package will commence and within a few minutes, the agent will have changed to the package that you prefer. If you had an activated package, you will first wait for it to expire. Now pay the amount equivalent to the new package that you have and you are good to go.

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