Here is a list of the Best Money Lending Loan Apps in Uganda

1. Wewole – My Airtel App

Airtel Uganda launched the Wewole service (get a loan and pay it back within the agreed-upon time frame or duration), a micro-credit service that utilizes its Airtel Money platform. It allows Airtel Money users and agents to access loan conveniences through Airtel Money. No need for collateral or paperwork. The money you borrow is sent directly to your airtel money account.

People applying for these loans have to be registered with Airtel Money with a minimum of active 6 months of transaction history through Airtel Money. They will have to dial *185*8# to access Wewole. The service targets ordinary Airtel users. The fees charged vary depending on the amount you are requesting for. The reason its stands out is because of its repayment duration. It allows you to pay them back up to after two months, unlike MTN’s Mokash which strictly has a one-month repayment period. And you can pay back in installments of your choice, as long as you are paying back. To get bigger loans, one has to continuously use airtel money and their loan limit will increase.

NOTE: You can only be given another loan once the previous loan has been fully paid.

2. MoKash – MyMTN App

MTN Uganda launched MoKash a micro-savings and loans product that allows MTN Uganda customers to save and borrow money through their mobile phones while earning interest on money saved. It was first launched in Uganda before airtel’s wewole. MoKash allows you to save money too, unlike airtel’s wewole which is limited to only borrowing. Airtel allows depositing money too, isn’t it also saving? It is, but with MoKash, the money you save there is treated differently from the money from your Mobile Money account. How? Your balance on your Mobile Money account does not include the money on your MoKash savings account.

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With that, customers are saving using MTN Mobile Money and are taking short-term loans without the need for the traditional red tape involved in loan processing. Everything is processed on their mobile phone within minutes. You must be a registered MTN Mobile Money customer to access MoKash. The loans you get are repaid from your MTN Mobile Money account. Any extra money paid on the loan is transferred to your Mokash savings account. Customers receive the full loan amount as requested. The repayment period is one month. To access MoKash, dial *165#.

3. Equity Eazzy app

Eazzy Banking app is one of the pioneer online banking products by Equity Bank. With the app, you can send money, pay for goods and services, access Eazzy Loans, check the status of your bank account, save money, and many more.


  • Very attractive interest rates
  • Flexible repayment period of up to 30 days
  • One can borrow up to a maximum of UGX 3,000,000/=
  • Quick loan processing


  • An active Equity bank account for a minimum of six months
  • Credit limits showing maximum amounts one can borrow at a time
  • Eazzy Banking App is available on Android devices, iOS and you can access it the traditional way using USSD code by dialing *247#

4.  Platinum credit (mobi loan)

Platinum credit delivers cash in 24 hours with minimum procedure and speedy loans processing. Its products are Civil Servant Loans; Logbook Finance Loans; Private Sector Loans and the latest SME Loans.

5. Cente mobile app

Centemobile from Centenary bank is a mobile banking platform that enables you to transact and access banking services using your mobile phone or device anywhere, anytime as long as there is network coverage. You can acquire a loan instantly at your convenience.

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Basic Requirements

  • Account with the Our Bank
  • Registered on CenteMobile banking platform.
  • Connected mobile phone.
  • Centemobile PIN to access their Bank account
  • Enough Account/Wallet balance
  • Network coverage

6. Numida

Numida uses proprietary credit models and tech-enabled underwriting workflows to provide unsecured working capital loans to semiformal African micro-businesses. Business owners download their Android app, apply for a loan in minutes and are approved within a day. The iOS app is underway, we’ll update you when that happens.

7. Zoficash

Zofi Cash is a digital financial platform that seeks to revolutionize how and when salaried people get paid. 30 days is way too long to wait to get paid. Their goal is to make every day a payday for the hard-working Africans on the African continent. Loans are as big as the salary you get. That is if you are working.

You can download the Zoficash app on both Android and iOS to kickstart the loan application process.

8. Easy Mobile

Easy Mobile Loan Repayment is a service that enables EFC’s loan customers to pay loan installments on time with the convenience of using their mobile phones. This service is powered by Mobile Money and is available on both MTN and Airtel money networks.

How to access easy mobile

Those are some of the best money lending loan apps in Uganda. Do you know any other you have used before in Uganda? Please share them with us and we’ll include them on the list.