The Kenyan passport is issued to Kenyan citizens in accordance with the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 and as provided for in the Kenya Citizens and Immigration Act that commenced on 30 August 2011.

How to Apply for a Kenyan Passport In addition issuance process is regulated by Legal Notice No. 64 (the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Regulations, 2012). first-time applicants of the Kenyan Passport If eligible, an individual can apply for a New Passport, Renewal Passport and Replacement Passport. Passports are issued by the Department of Immigration.

The department is under the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government. Kenyan passports are usually used as a form of ID as well and would be rated as second to The Kenyan national ID card. Requirements for first-time applicants of the Kenyan Passport

Kenyan e-passports Application PASSPORT FEES

32 pages Ordinary   SeriesKshs. 4,550
48 pages Ordinary “B” SeriesKshs. 6,050
64 Pages Ordinary “C” SeriesKshs. 7,550
East African PassportKshs. 990
Diplomatic passport (48 page)Kshs 7,550
Mutilated PassportKshs 10,050
Lost PassportKshs 12,050

Here are the features that distinguish the Kenyan e-Passport from the Kenyan old passport:

  1. Small electric chip – The chip is vital because it stores and holds your personal details safe.
  2. Digital photograph of the e-Passport holder – You need to take a digital photograph. It is important to note that minimal errors can surely lead to the rejection of the application. You have to take 3 full-face photos; don’t wear a hat while taking it. Don’t mount the photo and make sure that it is less than ‘2 inches by 1½’ or more than ‘2½ by 2 inches’. Also don’t gaze at the e-Passport photo. Ensure that the printing is done on a thin as well as normal photographic paper.
  3. Biometric identifier – These are the characters that contain your identity.
  4. Security features – The purpose of the security features is to ensure that there are no instances of unauthorized forgery.
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