Packages offered are normal delivery and caesarian delivery.

Caesarian Delivery

The caesarian delivery section commonly referred to as the c section was developed with one aim. The main aim for the development was to ensure that women who have birth complications can deliver successfully through surgical procedures.

Ever since the invention of the caesarian section, there has been a great increase in terms of life saving. Bristol Park Hospital has the caesarian section. As explained above this section is there to ensure there is a successful delivery.

The surgical procedures are conducted by highly trained surgeons known all over. The surgeons work with only one aim and that is of ensuring that the mother and child survive.

Normal Delivery

For normal delivery services, you as an expectant woman has a chance to deliver through Bristol Park Hospital. women are able to deliver by the help of doctors, nurses, midwifes and even gynaecologists at some point. The entire staff is available to ensure that all the procedures are a success.

After delivery women are taken care of very well and are provided with whatever thing they require. Also, the normal delivery package is chargeable though at a very affordable rate. If you really want to enjoy the normal delivery services, then what are you waiting for? Bristol Hospital got you covered.  

Bristol Park Hospital NHIF Code

22201459 for Bristol Park Industrial Area

NHIF covers bed Ksh. 2,000 per night.

Bristol Park Hospital Maternity Charges

The Hospital offers maternity services. However, these services are chargeable but at very affordable rates;

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Bristol Park Hospital Maternity ServicesCharges
Caesarian DeliveryKsh. 90,000 – Ksh. 130,000
Normal DeliveryKsh. 25,000 – Ksh.40,000

Bristol Park Hospital Maternity Charges