Here are Marie Stopes maternity charges, branches, contacts, location, address, services, maternity packages, and many more to help in your planning.

Marie stopes is among the best hospitals in Kenya. The high standards of services, expert professionals, and the use of modern equipment has made the facility a good place to consider for medical issue.

Marie Stopes Maternity Package

Variety of maternity packages offered by Marie Stopes include; normal midwife delivery package, Caesarean package, gynaecologist package, antenatal package, immunization services among others.

Antenatal Care Services

Offered to pregnant women at an affordable cost. This services include: pre-eclampsia, identification and management of infections including HIV an STIs, tetanus toxoid infection, intermittent preventive treatment for malaria during pregnancy(IPTp) etc.

Ultrasound Services

Ultrasound helps women to know their due dates in able to adequately prepare for the delivery. It also helps in correcting the abnormal positioning of the foetus, the gender of the foetus among others.

Gynaecological Services

Gynaecologists in Marie stopes Hospital specialize in women’s health and they deal with variety of services such as pregnancy and child birth, menstruation cycle, fertility issues, hormonal disorders, obstetrics, sexually transmitted infections among others.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Services

Marie stopes hospital creates awareness to young people on issues like access to modern contraception, HIV and STI testing and treatment, gender biased violence, safe abortion, pregnancy testing services, emergency contraception among others. Qualified doctors also treat any type of disease that is associated with sexual and reproductive health.

Marie Stopes Clinic

There are 23 Marie stopes clinics across the country that offers guaranteed services at an affordable price. Such services offered at the clinics include; long acting reversible contraceptives, contraceptive change/removal, Post abortion care, contraceptive check-ups and permanent planning methods.

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Marie Stopes Maternity Charges

Below are the maternity charges offered by Marie Stopes;

Marie Stopes Maternity ServicesCharges
Antenatal care packageKsh.15,000
Normal midwife delivery packageKsh.35,0000
Caesarean packageKsh.100,000-130,000
Baby immunization per visitKsh.300

Marie Stopes Maternity Charges