You may like to know how to transfer money from Mpesa to an Airtel line using this procedure:

  1. Dial *234# on your mobile phone.
  2. Click option 1 for Mpesa products.
  3. Press 98 so as to get more options.
  4. Select option 8, which is Mpesa tuma popote.
  5. Key in the Airtel number that you want to send money to.
  6. Enter your Mpesa pin.
  7. Confirm the details.
  8. Press “OK” to complete the transaction.
  9. An instant message is sent to you showing your transaction status.

I believe you are now aware of how to transfer money from Mpesa to the Airtel line.


In brief, the connection between mobile networks has made life easy and simple for Kenyans as you can now do all the transactions that you need with ease compared to the pre-industrial era.

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