Kua loan App is product of Kuatech that provides unsecured loan to needy individuals who want to get quick financial aid. Here is How to Download Kua Loan App and Apply Loan

The app makes it easy for you to access credit anytime, anywhere. Before qualifying for a loan one has to complete application that intakes few seconds. The approved loan is disbursed straight to your M-PESA account.

Your borrowing ability depends on your credit score but initially you can borrow as little as 500/= to as much as 50000/= , to qualify for higher loans you need to have a high credit score which is achieved by repaying loans on time.

How to download and Register for Kua loan app

To download kua loan app go to Google play store or click here.

Once you’ve downloaded the app honestly fill in the following details;

  • Name
  • Identify Number
  • Date of birth
  • Mobile phone number
  • E-mail

After successfully filling in the required information click on submit then proceed to pay registration fee of kes. 250 to complete registration.

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