Loanee can pay the Craft loan through M-PESA Paybill number before repayment period elapses. To repay through Mpesa Paybill number follow these steps;

  1. Navigate to your Mpesa menu and select Lipa na Mpesa
  2. Select the ‘ pay bill’ option
  3. Enter the Craft loan app paybill number as 352032
  4. Next, choose the ‘account number’ enter your M-PESA phone number
  5. Enter the amount you are repaying  then press okay
  6. Enter your secret pin
  7. Confirm whether all details are correct then press Ok.

The loan is to be repaid within 21 days since taking the loan or according to the agreement to which you took the loan.

Failure to repay the loan will lead to your details being handed over to the collection agents and ultimately to the CRB.

Craft loan App contacts

Phone: +254780004840



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