When you do not have, enough float for customer deposits you can load it directly from a bank. All you need is to carry an equivalent amount of cash to the bank and request to buy float from them.

However there specific procedures to follow depending on specific banks. Below are some of these banks and there outlined procedure to follow.

How to load M-Pesa float via Equity bank

M-Pesa Float purchase from your Equity account is a service that enables you to buy M-Pesa float directly from your account through your phone. As long as you or your sub agents have an account at Equity Bank, you will be able to purchase float for your stores.

Your bank account will need to have sufficient funds to process the value transacted otherwise the transaction will decline. Below is a step-by-step guide for you to receive float in your till:

  • Dial *247# or go to your Equitel SIM menu and select buy M-Pesa float
  • Enter your agent number
  • Enter amount of float you wish to purchase
  • Enter your mobile banking PIN
How to load M-Pesa float via KCB bank

To purchase M-Pesa float first you need to activate KCB mobile banking. Below is a guideline on how to activate your KCB mobile banking.

  • Visit any KCB Bank branch to set up your KCB mobile banking
  • You will receive a message to activate your KCB mobile banking on *522#
  • Dial *522# and enter a 4-digit PIN
  • Re-enter the 4-digit PIN.
  • Accept terms and conditions for KCB mobile banking.
  • Validate the request and submit for activation.
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You will be successfully activated on KCB mobile banking. Continue transacting with the PIN you set during the activation process.

Below is how to load M-Pesa float via KCB bank                                        
  • Dial *522#and select buy M-pesa float
  • Select KCB account as the source of funds
  • Enter your agent number
  • Select KCB account number to send from
  • Enter amount of float you wish to purchase
  • Enter your KCB mobile banking PIN
  • Confirm the transaction and submit
  • You will receive a confirmation message.
M-Pesa minimum float

According to Safaricom, an Agent will be expected to have a minimum float of Ksh.100, 000. For a sub agent you are required to have a minimum float of 20,000 – 30,000.