There are over 20 hotels in Nairobi CBD where some are 5-star while others are 4 and 4 Star. Based on your budget, you can select the hotel of your choice.

Below is a list of all hotels in Nairobi CBD and the rates they charge in dollars.

5-star hotels
Grand Regency/CTCUS$ 110.00US$ 130.005-star hotel
Tel.: 211-199Breakfast cost
Fax: 217-120US$ 16.00
Nairobi SerenaUS$ 145.00US$ 159.005-star hotel
Tel.: 725-111Bed & Breakfast
Fax: 725-184
Holiday InnUS$ 70.00US$ 80.005-star hotel
Tel.: 740-970Bed & Breakfast
Fax: 248-823
Nairobi HiltonUS$ 80.00US$ 100.005-star hotel
Tel.: 250-000Bed & Breakfast
Fax: 250-099
The StanleyUS$ 109.00US$ 120.005-star hotel
Tel.: 713-333Bed & Breakfast
Fax: 718-700
The NorfolkUS$ 130.00US$ 140.005-star hotel
Tel.: 250-900Bed & Breakfast
Fax: 336-742
The NairobiUS$ 120.00US$ 140.005-star hotel
Safari ClubBed & Breakfast
Tel.: 251-333
Fax: 224-625
Hotel Inter-US$ 103.00US$ 143.005-star hotel
ContinentalBed & Breakfast
Tel.: 261-000
Fax: 210-675
Windsor ClubUS$ 108.005-star hotel
Tel.: 862-300Bed & Breakfast
Fax: 802-322
Safari ParkUS$ 100.00US$ 120.005-star hotel
Tel.: 802-493Bed & Breakfast
Fax: 802-477
3 & 4-star hotels
Panafric HotelUS$ 55.00US$ 75.00Bed & Breakfast
Tel.: 720-822
Fax: 721-878
Lenana MountUS$ 56.00US$ 75.00Bed & Breakfast
Tel.: 717-
Marble ArchUS$ 45.00US$ 65.00Bed & Breakfast
Tel.: 245-656
Fax: 245-724
Six EightyUS$ 55.00US$ 65.00Bed & Breakfast
Tel.: 332-680
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