Mawingu limited loan app is a mobile money lending platform which provides fast and affordable loans to borrowers in Kenya via M-PESA.

Mawingu loans – interest rate,loan limits

Loan limits depend on the customer’s creditworthiness. Good customers get higher loan amounts compared to bad customers.

Mawingu interest rate is low.

Mawingu limited loan app download

To access loans download mawingu limited loan app from Google play store and create your account .

Borrowers are awarded with a loan limit before they can apply for the loans within mawingu loans app.

Pay mawingu loans

Payment details like loan tenure and interest rate are all found within the app. Borrowers therefore pay from within the app when loans get due.

Mawingu limited loan app customer care contacts

To get help use the chat feature within the app. At the moment there are no mobile phone numbers and email addresses.

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