Biu money loans also popularly known as Zam Cash Loans is an online instant cash lending platform which provides affordable, secure and 100% online loans to borrowers in Zambia.

Zam Cash loans is the name which is used to deliver the loans but the lender funding Zam cash is Biu Capital Ltd a lender registered and regulated by the Bank of Zambia.

It’s therefore should be noted that Zam cash loans and Biu money loans is the same thing.

Zam Cash loans ( Biu Money Loans) features

The online loan provider gives up to K2,000 disbursed instantly and directly to the borrower’s mobile money wallet ,either Airtel money or 


How does Zam Cash work 

Applications for loans are done and submitted online. Zam cashnwill then approve or disapprove the loan application within a very short time

How do I borrow from Zam Cash

To get loans from Zam Cash, you’ll need to create an account by registering from Zam Cash website,then apply for the loan right away.

How to qualify for Zam Cash loans

Here are the qualifications for Zam cash loans;

  • Possess Zambia NCR
  • Be 21 years to 60 years
  • Have a mobile money wallet either Airtel or MTN

Zam Cash app (Biu Money loan app) 

If you wanted to download Zam cash app or Biu money app ,it’s unfortunate because at the moment there’s no such an app available. 

Loans can only be accessed online from the Zam Cash website and its instant within 5 minutes. 

ZamCash loan payment

Sometimes referred to as Z Cash loan or Zams Cash Loan, ZamCash loan payment is made via the mobile money account registered while creating a Zam Cash account.

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Is Biu and Zam Cash the same 

Yes, Zam Cash loans are being financed by Biu Capital Ltd.

Zam Cash customer care contact numbers

260 776435588

260 962303456 

Zam Cash is located in Lusaka , Zambia