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Kenya has received international recognition at the 3rd International CHW Symposium for its remarkable progress in implementing Community Health Services. The Symposium, which was held in Liberia in March 2023, also produced the Monrovia Declaration, a document that calls on countries to invest in country-led strategies, normalize professional CHWs, integrate CHWs into health plans, gain political support, and track CHW program progress.

The Kenyan delegation, led by the Ministry of Health, shared their roadmap and progress in community health service delivery and demonstrated the remarkable impact that CHWs have had in improving health outcomes in their communities. The delegation’s presentations earned them a standing ovation from the symposium attendees, who recognized Kenya’s success in deploying CHWs to deliver preventive, promotive and basic curative health services.

Kenya has made significant strides in strengthening its community health system, and the country’s CHWs have been at the forefront of this effort. They provide vital health services, including maternal and child health, nutrition, family planning, and disease prevention and management. The CHWs have also been instrumental in increasing health literacy and promoting healthy behaviors in their communities.

The Monrovia Declaration recognizes the critical role that CHWs play in delivering primary health care and achieving universal health coverage. It underscores the need for a just transition, undertaken with a gender equity and social inclusion lens, to protect quality jobs for women and other marginalized groups.

Kenya’s recognition at the symposium and the adoption of the Monrovia Declaration highlight the importance of community health workers in achieving equitable and sustainable health outcomes. Kenya’s success story is an inspiration to other countries seeking to strengthen their community health systems and improve health outcomes for their populations.

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