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A monthly activity to track the health of Members of Parliament and staff has been launched, with the intention to curb the sporadic rise of non-communicable diseases.

Led by Uganda Peoples Defence Forces Representative, Col Victor Nekesa, the monthly activities will keep track of MPs’ health and wellness, and also advise on nutrition and best dietary practices.

Nekesa asked MPs and staff to embrace the activities for a healthy living.

“It is your responsibility, it is your empowerment; because if your muscles are fit, if your body is fit, you can do anything and nothing will fail you; this is why personal health management empowers us,” she said.

She added that, ‘let us get our brains and bodies to be healthy, so that we live a long, happy and fulfilling life’.

Parliament’s Principal Medical Officer, Dr Fred Bawulira said MPs and staff at age 30 and above should mind their plates, and know that they have had all the food they needed already.

“When you reach 30, just know that you have eaten enough of what God has created for you, and it is time to leave the food for your children. From today, the side dish should be the main dish as you grow older and you decrease on the real food,” he said.

The Director Finance, Patrick Kunobwa shared his testimony on maintaining a healthy life, saying there is no excuse for not exercising.

“I do exercises in my office; you need about 2 meters to exercise and stay fit; I hope we will ultimately be having this every week,” he said.

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The Assistant Director in the Department of Sergeant at Arms, Helen Kawesa, who represented the Clerk to Parliament urged staff and MPs to take care of their health and wellness, and that the activities launched will help break the bad routine of constant sitting at Parliament.

“I want to thank you for making time to come and take care of your bodies because without our bodies we can’t work; the next contagious thing next to smoking is eating, and that when you sit, you are next to your grave,” she said.

The coordinator of the activities and Parliament’s fitness instructor, Robert Ssebugwawo said there is no excuse for anyone at Parliament to be obese and unhealthy, and that such activities demonstrate Parliament’s commitment to the health and wellness of everyone.

“It is time to change our lifestyles and make the important decision to take our health seriously; lifestyle is diet and exercise…why would you sit your way into diabetes or hypertension? Listen to the call and change now to save your life,” he said.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Parliament of the Republic of Uganda.