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Indonesian Ambassador to Sudan Sunarko congratulated MH. Sofyan Afandi, an Indonesian postgraduate (S2) student who won the Summa Cum Laude predicate in the Thesis Session in the field of Teaching Arabic to Non-Arabic Speakers at the Khartoum International Institute for Arabic Language (KIIFAL) on Monday (27/3).

Sofyan Afandi successfully defended his thesis in front of a team of examiners entitled “Text Links in Linguistic Interaction for Foreign Speakers of Arabic Language Learners at KIIFAL.

Ambassador Sunarko was also proud and congratulated Sofyan Afandi, who is currently also in the final stages of completing a Masters program (double degree) at the African International University.

“I hope that MH. Sofyan is a motivation and inspiration for other Indonesian students in Sudan, as the best provision to return to their homeland and contribute to the development of the Indonesian nation and state,” said the Ambassador.

The Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum is committed to continuing to support Indonesian students in Sudan so they can complete their education on time with the best results.

In closing, Ambassador Sunarko handed over a certificate of appreciation to Sofyan Afandi as a form of appreciation and motivation for other Indonesian students to continue to increase their scientific capacity.

The Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum was represented by PF. Pensosbud, Mr. Musurifun Lajawa was also present to provide support and enthusiasm for the implementation of the thesis session.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Khartoum, Sudan.

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