If you are a Kenyan student seeking admission to a degree course in a Kenyan university or college, you must calculate your cluster points to determine your eligibility. Cluster points are derived from your KCSE results and reflect your overall performance in the cluster subjects that correspond to your desired course. Here are the detailed steps on how to calculate your cluster points:

  1. First, obtain your KCSE results and identify the grades you obtained for each subject.
  2. Next, refer to the official list of cluster groups published by the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) to determine the cluster group that corresponds to your desired course.
  3. Add up the grades you obtained in the subjects that make up the cluster group for your desired course. For instance, if you wish to pursue a course in Medicine, the cluster group comprises Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics/Physics. Thus, add up the grades you obtained in these three subjects.
  4. Once you have added up the grades, convert them to grade points using the following table:Grade Grade PointA 12 A- 11 B+ 10 B 9 B- 8 C+ 7 C 6 C- 5 D+ 4 D 3 D- 2 E 1
  5. Sum up the grade points you obtained and find the maximum possible grade points for the cluster group you are interested in. For example, the maximum possible grade points for the Medicine cluster group are 36 (12 points each for Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics/Physics).
  6. Once you have the total grade points and the maximum possible grade points, calculate your mean score using the formula:Mean Score = (Total Grade Points Obtained / Maximum Possible Grade Points) x 12
  7. Round off the mean score to two decimal places.
  8. Repeat the above steps for all the cluster groups that correspond to your desired courses.
  9. Finally, compare your cluster point scores with the previous year’s cut-off points for your desired courses to determine your chances of admission.
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It is important to note that calculating cluster points is specific to Kenyan universities and may vary for other academic institutions or countries. By following these steps, you can determine your eligibility for the courses of your choice and take the necessary steps to pursue your academic goals.