Embrace the cutting-edge Worldcoin protocol and explore its limitless potential right from Kenya. Our comprehensive step-by-step guide will take you on an exciting journey to scan the Worldcoin protocol, obtain your exclusive World ID, and access free Worldcoin tokens with ease.

Step 1: Embrace the World App

Begin your adventure by visiting your device’s App Store or Google Play.

Identify the official World App, adorned with the iconic Worldcoin logo.

Swiftly download and install the World App, opening the gateway to boundless opportunities.

Step 2: Enter the World ID Realm

Embark on the World ID registration process within the World App.

Follow the intuitive prompts and create your personalized World ID account.

Enlist the support of a nearby Worldcoin Operator to undergo the unique personhood verification process, essential for your journey.

Step 3: Unveil Your Unique Self

Interact with the esteemed Worldcoin Operator, as they perform the exclusive verification process to unveil your distinctive identity.

Revel in the moment as your uniqueness is verified, and your treasured World ID materializes within the World App.

Bask in the privacy ensured by your World ID while unlocking participation in a myriad of everyday applications.

Step 4: Claim the Token of Tomorrow

Celebrate your verified status as a World ID holder, making you eligible to claim coveted Worldcoin (WLD) tokens through the World App.

Ensure your geographic location supports the availability of WLD tokens, and prepare to receive your fortune.

Reap the benefits as eligible users seize 1 free WLD token per week, with no maximum, establishing consistency across eligible regions.

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Step 5: Awaits the Grand Unveiling

Eagerly anticipate the arrival of the momentous Worldcoin mainnet, set to debut in the first half of 2023.

As an esteemed Orb verifier in an eligible region, the grand unveiling will bless you with your long-awaited WLD tokens.

Step 6: Champion the Worldcoin Protocol

Elevate your World ID status and WLD tokens, as you venture forth in shaping the future of the ingenious Worldcoin protocol.

Leverage your WLD tokens within the World App, commanding payments, executing actions, and exploring potential stores of value.

Step 7: Forge Your Path to Prosperity

Fuel your ambition to accumulate more WLD tokens post-mainnet launch in regions that permit their availability.

Consider ascending to the revered title of a Worldcoin Operator, earning WLD tokens while introducing the Worldcoin protocol to your community.

Embark on this transformative journey today! Unveil the Worldcoin protocol in Kenya, scan your World ID, and claim your free Worldcoin tokens within the World App. Embrace the future of finance and be a pioneer in this global network of endless possibilities.