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Naivas Supermarket Contacts | How to Contact Naivas

If you want to contact Naivas Supermarket, Here are some ways to contact Naivas Supermarket using their mobile mophine : Customer care hotline: 0711 066...

How to Get Naivas Gift Voucher – Quick and Easy

There are a few ways to get a Naivas voucher: Follow the Below process to get Nivas Gift Voucher You can purchase a voucher...

How To Redeem Naivas Gift Voucher

Below is a process on how redeem a Naivas voucher, you can follow these steps: Go to a Naivas supermarket near you. Look for a customer...

List of All Supermarkets in Kenya

There are several supermarkets in Kenya where you could shop for groceries, food,clothes and anything you need for your home. The biggest supermarkets are...

List of All Naivas Supermarkets Branches in Kenya and their Contacts

List of All Naivas Supermarkets in Kenya and their Contacts. Naivas Supermarket, often referred to simply as “Naivas”, is the largest supermarket chain in Kenya, with 74...

How to Check Naivas Reward Points

Naivas cards is loyalty scheme available to all Naivas Customers countrywide. Once registered to the Loyalty Program, and start shopping you will start earning...