How can I contact Tala Mkopo Rahisi? Tala Kenya Mkopo Rahisi contacts?Where to get Tala Mkopo phone numbers?Where can I find mkopo Rahisi premises location in Kenya? These are some of the questions Loans Kenya have been receiving from Tala Kenya customers since the Mobile loan apps in Kenya post went live. Below is how to contact Tala.

  1. Kenyans can contacts Tala through the Facebook page Tala-formerly Mkopo Rahisi
  2. Kenyans can send an email to Tala through the email address; 
  3. Kenyans can use the in app chat platform to contact Tala.
  4. UPDATE: Tala customers can now also send SMS to 21991 to get help.
  5. UPDATE:Tala customers can also now send direct messages (DM)  Tala Twitter handle.

The above are the ways a Tala client can reach the lender to present any complaints or seek for any other help.

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